Sunday to Sunday on Monday – Zoom Recordings

Preaching is about witnessing to the word of God, and it’s both preaching and reaching. In this process, we learn from each other, share our stories and insights. Preaching is a means by which we make the gospel come alive.

Our gifted preachers answer your questions in these Zoom discussions with communities nationwide. We are eager to hear your voices, comments, and insight into Gospel.

Hope Heal Renew Conference
November 5, 2021 | Runtime 1h 21mins.

On November 5, Father Mike Russo led a keynote discussion entitled "Along the Journey -- Stories of Inspiration" at the November 5th catechetical conference, Hope Heal Renew 2021.

The panel featured Saint Monica's pastoral team members, Felipe Sanchez, Director of Administration; Suzette Sornborger, Director of Faith Formation; and John Poitevent, Director of Parish Catalyst. Each addressed how the past year presented clear challenges as well as creative innovations in parish ministry.

Father Matt Pennington
October 25, 2021 | Runtime 52 mins 39 sec.

Father Matt Pennington addresses the courage found in the gospel story of the blind Bartimaeus and his encounter with Jesus. “We need courage to survive in this world,” Father Matt tells us. We hear remarkable accounts of his parishioners at Nativity of Our Lady, San Luis Obispo, in this town hall gathering. These are people whose stories of courage and strength are worth sharing and need careful listening.

Father Bob Stagg
June 28, 2021 | Runtime 59 mins 51 secs.

Father Bob Stagg shares the core message about how faith is a prerequisite for healing. We take up Mark’s gospel and consider how Jesus’s touch can bring about healing even in the most desperate situations. Ours is a ministry of tenderness and mercy. We hear from Father Bob and his parishioners at Presentation, Upper Saddle River, N.J, in this town hall meeting.

Father Chris Walsh
May 26, 2020 | Runtime 58 mins 43 secs

Chris Walsh joins us in a discussion of how Saint Raymond's parish and school are adjusting to the "shelter in place" orders. This parish has been live-streaming Masses and liturgical services for the past several years. Their experience readied the community to the clear challenges of worship in a time of loss because of the pandemic. Father Chris's insight into the lives of his people is heard loud and clear.

Father Ricky Manalo
May 7, 2020 | Runtime 123 mins 01 secs

Ricky Manalo's reputation as a teacher, preacher, and composer brought the discussion into a number of key areas of his expertise. Here there are plenty of helpful responses to questions about liturgical practice and music. His stories about the recent move to Saint Paul's in New York City and his Asian American heritage provide a timely and valuable insight into his unique ministry.

Sunday to Sunday Witness – Podcast Recordings

Witness is a podcast conversation about preaching, spirituality, and your day-to-day ministry.  We hope to make the gospel come alive and listen to those whose creative discipleship inspires us. 
Terrence Gargiulo

Terrence Gargiulo with Mike Russo and Ginny Prio
Runtime 13 mins 52 secs

Ginny Prior is a journalist and teacher at Saint Mary's College of CA. and Terrence Gargiulo is a communication consultant and author of "Making Stories.

Father Ed Holterhoff

Father Ed Holterhoff with Mike Russo
Runtime 18 mins 22 secs

Father Ed Holterhoff is the pastor of St. Timothy's, Morro Bay, CA.

Peter Semp

Peter Stemp with Mike Russo
Runtime 20 mins 15 secs

Peter Stemp is the Associate Director of Solidarity for the LaSalle Christian Brothers, Rome, Italy.

Father Sal Ragusa

Father Sal Ragusa with Mike Russo
Runtime 18 mins 33 secs

Father Sal Ragusa is a campus minister at Holy Names University, Oakland, CA.