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About Sunday to Sunday

Sunday to Sunday profiles great preachers.

In his “Joy of the Gospel,” Pope Francis reminds us that Christ is present in the preached word.

Our Emmy winning television series draws on the gospel witness of priests, deacons, laywomen, and youth ministers. We explore how to listen to the gospel and to hear the deeply felt reflections of its witnesses. Ours is a commitment to the preaching ministry and to those who inspire us.

Join Sunday to Sunday, the preaching journey.

Meet the Preachers

On this preaching journey, we explore how the homily is an occasion for listening to the diverse voices that witness to the gospel today.

An online and cable TV program, Sunday to Sunday identifies gifted preachers who pass along their ideas about the preaching ministry. We observe examples of the preaching genre to stimulate conversations about witnessing to the word of God. By slowing down the process and examining a particular homily or sermon, we hope to build greater confidence in our viewers and thereby lend commitment to this crucial pastoral task.

Our 28-minute episodes complete with Study Guides and transcripts appear on this website. The 8-minute profiles of “great preachers” are a feature of the online edition of America Magazine.

Sunday to Sunday is a recipient of the 2020 Emmy Award for Best Interview/Discussion Program, SF/Northern California Chapter of the National Association of Television Arts & Sciences. In June of 2019, the Catholic Press Association awarded Sunday to Sunday with the Gabriel Award for the “Best TV Series & Storytelling.”

Father Chris Walsh

Emmy Award-Winning

Father Matt Pennington

Preaching in a New Key

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