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Sunday To Sunday, an Emmy Award Winner, captures
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Sunday to Sunday

We all face challenges in our daily lives. Sunday To Sunday curates the best preachers to provide answers rooted in the Gospel and inspiration to rise above.

Jonathan Roumie

Sunday To Sunday Video Series

Our Emmy-winning television series takes you to dynamic Catholic parishes, nationwide, to see how their pastors and parishioners spread the Gospel and change lives. Our series includes the feature-length story of Saint Monica’s Catholic Community in Santa Monica, California. Discover parishes who are filled with the Holy Spirit and see how parishioners have heard the word of God and are motivated to witness for Christ.

Sunday To Sunday Witness

Witness is a Podcast series about preaching, spirituality, and elevating your day-to-day ministry. Our conversations with theological thought leaders and everyday heroes are aimed at bringing the Gospel to life for the purpose of finding fulfillment in our own lives. You can listen to Witness directly on our website or find us on your preferred streaming platform.

Sunday to Sunday Witness
Father Matt Pennington

Sunday To Sunday On Monday

These livestream events allow for an exchange of deeply felt reflections that bring the Gospel to life. Our gifted preachers answer your questions in these Zoom discussions with communities worldwide.  By joining us, you can experience and participate in live discussions that explore an in-depth look at the week’s Gospel. 

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