Sunday to Sunday Productions is excited to announce a $1.25 million five year grant from Lilly Endowment.,  in collaboration with Saint Paul’s Benevolent Educational and Missionary Institute (The Passionists). This grant supports the establishment of “CALLED: A New Approach to Preaching Education and Practice,” an innovative program aimed at transforming preaching education through contemplation, community engagement, and advanced technology.

The grant has been awarded through Lilly Endowment’s Compelling Preaching Initiative, and is set to establish a groundbreaking immersive preaching program aimed at transforming both
preachers and lay participants alike.


CALLED is set to revolutionize homiletics education by offering a completely unique educational and formational experience, rooted in spiritual practices, community and skill-building exercises that foster attentiveness and compassion.

CALLED redefines preaching into a shared experience that will enrich the lives of both lay and religious ministers by:
● Inviting practitioners to engage with a preaching curriculum tailored to their individual
faith formation and spiritual journey.
● Facilitating a deep immersion in faithful practices and prayer to nourish, renew, and
inform the preaching process.
● Integrating workshops, learning modules, retreats, reflective practices, and group learning
sessions over a period of eight months.
● Leveraging Los Angeles based HeroBridge’s cutting-edge digital media technology, that
will allow members to access the CALLED community through a secure web and
mobile-based platform to access highly curated resources, relationship, curriculum and

Fr. Jim O’Shea of the The Passionists expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, stating,
“CALLED represents a transformative step forward in how we approach preaching education. By combining contemplative practices with modern methodologies, we aim to empower preachers to authentically connect with their congregations and inspire meaningful spiritual growth.”

Fr. John Gribowich, Program Director of CALLED, added, “This grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. is a testament to the importance of nurturing effective preaching within Christian communities. CALLED will equip participants with the tools and insights necessary to communicate effectively and resonate deeply with listeners.”