BIPOC: Catholic Saints

In this episode, Ann Mary draws attention to the euro-centric imagery often found in Catholic churches and shares how her parish, The Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York, NY has modernized to better represent the people in their community. To visit The Church of St. Francis Xavier website, visit

Search: A Book Review

In this episode, Ann Mary provides her review of, Search, a novel by Michelle Huneven on one church community’s efforts to find a new leader.

Little League, Big Lessons

In this episode, Ann Mary draws the connection between a young athlete’s actions during a game of little league baseball and Isaiah 43.

Whispering Words of Wisdom

In this episode, Father Mike tells us a story about how a seminary choir’s song choice, the famous Beatles song, “Let it Be”, and a very disapproving choir director has led him down a life long rabbit hole. The discovery? How easy it is to overlook another’s deepest hurts..

Practice What You Preach

A mysterious note leads Father Mike to question his public speaking abilities. Who was the note from? And what does he discover about himself? Listen to find out

New Recruits

When the second half of an intense college basketball game never aired, the school’s administration realized it was finally time to make a change. In this episode, find out how this true story can inspire you to accept the big changes life can bring.

1000 Little Hurts

In this episode, Father Mike Russo returns with an anecdote about empathy, its influence on us, and how to lean in to use it as a tool to improve the our experiences and those of the people around us.

Feeling Stuck

In this episode, Ann Mary Mullane describes those feelings and frustrations with being stuck. Stuck in our mundane routines, in stale relationships, and even stuck with how to move forward in solving and preventing gun violence in our nation.

Why an Attitude of Gratitude Makes You Happy

In this episode, Ginny and Brother Bernie LoCoco from the Lasallian Christian Brother order of the Catholic Church, return with the ultimate life hack for achieving daily happiness: Hint! It’s an attitude of gratitude.